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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 3, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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>> go get a job. >> this morning's eye opener is
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let's go . the puzzle of what caused the crash got a new piece with the detection of the heat flash by the infrared satellite. if the flash was from the plane, analysts said it could be caused by an explosion in an engeneral,engine, but a bomb still cannot be ruled out. >> we don't have any direct evidence of any terrorist involvement yet. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview egyptian president dismissed claims by an isis affiliate that it brought down the plane as propaganda. this is one way to damage the stability and security of egypt and the image of egypt he said. the the cockpit and flight data
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recorders are described as being in good condition. an analysis is scheduled today. even as they gather evidence and passengers' belongings, another plane carrying dead bodies arrived in st. petersburg, the ill-fated airliner's scheduled destination. at least ten bodies have been identified, but the process of identifying all the victims could take several weeks. here in egypt the u.s. embassy has extends its travel ban for staffers in the sinai peninsula. they say it's a precautionary measure until the outcomef the investigation is known. we have new pictures of a crash landing this morning at the main airport in pakistan. the plane had more than 100 passengers on board.
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this morning another new poll shows ben carson leading leading the republican presidential race. the retired neuro surgeonsurgeon leads. trump and some of the other candidates are rejecting a republican effort to take more control over debates. major garrett is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: republicans were unified about new debate formats for one full day. within 24 hours trump, kasich, christie and fiorina all said, no thanks. the other candidates will make their case for changes. but for the first time looking at all this president obama mocked the great gop debate debate. >> the room was probably 100 degrees. >> reporter: even after all this time it appeared every republican hopeful had debate complaints.
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>> i had two questions in three hours in the last debate. >> reporter: the delegates from most of the campaigns hammered out a bill of rights providing for, among other things, opening and closing statements, approval of on screen graphics, equal air time, no so-called gotcha questions. and this atmospheric question, debate halls kept below 67 degrees. ben carson saluted the effort. >> the important thing is we have an influence on the debate process and be able to do something that makes sense. >> reporter: trump as he continuously reminds the deals. all this republican debate angst compelled president obama to tell a democratic fund-raiser in new york, republicans who can't handle cnbc are not ready for the big leagues. >> if you can't handle those guys
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guys, you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> reporter: losing some traction in national polls, trump seemed more concerned with fast rising freshman senator marco rubio. >> i think he's a highly overrated person. i've called him a lightweight. i think he's a lightweight. i hope i'm wrong about that. >> reporter: rubio's poll numbers are rising in early primary and caucus states. rubio still trails trump and carson everywhere, even in florida, where he is the sitting, but sometimes only occasionally voting u.s. senator. >> also in washington is john dickerson. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what do we make of the fact that donald trump is criticizing marco rubio rather than the man who's replaced him at the top of the polls, ben carson?
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>> i think rubio is in trump's sites for the moment, but he's kind of been attacking everybody. the fact he's not attacking carson is interesting because carson is the more direct competitor. but carson has not said anything mean about trump, so he prevents a different challenge. if you go after carson, if you're trump, you're going after a person who attracts the same kind of voters. it's much trickier for trump. >> are we going to have another debate after trump says he's going to be negotiating directly the networks? >> the candidates need a debate, most of them do, because it's a chance for them to put themselves forward to voters. what's happening with republicans now is they can all agree on what they don't like. when they try to act collectively it gets a little lumpy.
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it's hard for them all to gather around one set of ideas. in the end they do want to have debates, particularly everybody who's not at the top of the pack. >> what do you make of jeb bush's campaign? just the fact that you now have a slogan that says jeb can fix it, what message does that send? >> he's trying to send a message that he can fix it because he was a reformer in florida. people are saying that he's referring to his own campaign. though the route to success for jeb bush, if there is one, is that he's a scrappy comeback fighter. that's the route for him. whether he can actually do that though in this crowded field and get past marco rubio, he needs to get past rubio first. and marco rubio is looking very
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>> what's behind the ben carson phenomenon? support has tripped since july and he is the first republican to top 50% when voters first and second choices are combined. >> what's behind it is he's not a washington politician. he speaks plainly and voters like that, so he's not a part of the system they don't like. also, he's a likable person. when you look at the individual attributes, honesty and integrity, voters give him very, very high marks. >> as you know john will moderate next week's democratic presidential debate. you can watch it november 14th
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here on cbs. >> the nfl implemented two rules mandating a clear see-through bag policy for all nfl football stadiums, which makes last night's incident all the more puzzling when two people inside the stadium were able to drop down from an upper balcony on ropes. >> we don't know yet what's going on, but there are a couple of fans rappelling there. >> confusion took over last night's monday night football game. >> there's a banner they're trying to get unfurled. >> the demonstrators, aan and a woman, rappelled down from a balcony with a banner reading
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the pair refused commands to come down and a total of four people were arrested. the scene in the stands quickly over shadowed the play on the field with many wondering on social media how the two got the equipment past security. protesters smuggled a banner and rappelling gear into an nfl panthers game, yet most people can't get in with a bottle of water. police are investigating the incident. we reached out to the nfl for comment but have yet to hear back. there were no injuries reported. the panthers won the game 29-26. this morning the company behind the keystone pipeline wants the obama administration to delay a decision on the project, to pause the review of the nearly 1200 mile long pipeline. trans-canada says a suspension
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asked nebraska authorities to approve its preferred route through the state. keystone supporters say it will give the u.s. more energy security. flash flood watches around warnings are posted this morning across north carolina and south carolina. almost three inches of rain made monday the wettest day of the year in charlotte. downpours flooded streets in florida's panhandle. california's getting an early blast of winter. snow piled up in lake tahoe. poor individualsvisibility is blamed for a massive pileup bakersfield. cell phone video shows police escorting one of the passengers, a black male off the flight last night. one of the flight attendants accused him with being a threat.
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confusion over a seat. >> spirit flight 868 was scheduled to depart from los angeles to dallas last night. but before the plane left the gate, a group of african-american passengers says they were singled out and kicked off of the flight because of their race. >> we have witnesses that this man wasn't causing any kind of problems. >> reporter: cell phone video shows passengers responding. according to airport police the man was upset that he and a fellow passenger had to surrender their seats, which spirit apparently double booked to another passenger. spirit offered the couple another set of seats toward the front of the cab in, butin, but the couple apparently insisted the switch wasn't fair.
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>> the flight attendant said he must take his assigned seat. he got up. the flight attendant said something smart. and the guy said i'm not talking to you, don't talk to me. after the guy said that he said, sir, you need to get off this flight. >> reporter: five other passengers on board began questioning why the couple was being removed from the plane. they too were escorted off the plane by police. >> i'm humiliated just for the simple fact that you hear about this type of stuff happening in america, but to actually experience it firsthand -- >> reporter: in a statement spirit airlines said the passengers game unruly and were % causing trouble with other passengers. the flight crew asked them to stop. when they did not law enforcement was called and they were removed from the flight.
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dallas about an hour after it scheduled arrival time. spirit booked all seven passengers on other flights. health experts are focusing on produce at chipotle restaurants as the possible culprit behind an e coli outbreak in the pacific northwest. there are 22 reported cases, 19 in washington state and three in oregon. the chain closed 43 of its locations. health officials expect more cases to surface in the coming days. volkswagen faces new cheating allegations. but this morning vw denies this claims. the epa says software with a timer allowed some 10,000 v6 diesel vehicles to get around pollution testing. the models include porsche and
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in september vw admitted rigging emissions tests on 11 million cars. we'll learn today how the crisis impacted vw sales in october. >> the pentagon is under fire this morning for spending 43 million dollar on a natural gas filling station in afghanistan. the watchdog report finds the price tag is 140 times the cost of comparable filling stations in that region. and most afghans cannot even afford the fuel. the pentagon has apparently shirked its responsibility to account for the taxpayer money that's being wasted. this morning the military is unable to confirm whether the station is operational. this morning voters in ohio are voting whether to legalize
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some voters plan to vote know saying it would give a small number of pot growers a monopoly. this morning the california uber passenger charged in the violent attack on a driver has lost his job. we first showed you dash cam video yesterday of the vicious assault. taco bell fired benjamin golden monday from his position as a brand manager. police in orange county arrested golden on misdemeanor charges of public intoxication and assault. >> taco bell moved quickly saying given the behavior we could no longer employ him. but they offered him counselling. we urge him to seek it immediately. >> amazon gives a big boost to employees who need more family time. did a newspaper shining a harsh light on work conditions
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first, . the vatican goes all out to stop embarrassing leaks. the cbs gets ahold of a book of posing insiders blocking pope francis reform. >> the news is right back on "cbs this morning" maria. there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and choosing unitedhealthcare can help make it simpler with our 24/7 nurseline. nurse:(over phone) if it's pinkeye, it could be contagious. oh. i know.
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. >> ahead, director quentin tarantino will back track with 3 we are starting off the month of november way above average. we are seeing highs in the middle 70's today, and we will likely see them stay there today and tomorrow with breezy winds. late wednesday into thursday we will see a pretty strong front move through the area. this will bring us a chance of thunderstorms overnight and rain for most of the day on thursday, but will seeing slowly falling
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temperatures throughout the afternoon. heading into weekend, we should see plenty of sunshine, but temperatures will stay pretty close to normal for this time of year with highs staying in the 50's. 3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look jacob heller.siouxland, i'm
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3 in the 50's.3 3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your morning news. 3 3 a sioux city teenager is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter after a west high senior died in april from a k - 2 overdose.18 - year - old rose
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plea last month in woodbury county district court to charges of involuntary manslaughter and delivery of a controlled substance.prosecutors say she's the person who sold the k - 2 to austin mccloud. mccloud died of an overdose of the drug this april in war eagle park. (mau)'s mouw's trial is set for april 26th... 20 - 16. 3 iowa governor terry branstad was some questions... about the effort to privatize iowa's medicaid program.critics want to know about how much money might be saved... how contracts have been awarded... and how the plan will affect patients. later today... a legislative oversight committee will hold the first of two hearings to go over these privatization plans. the governor says the move will mean more streamlined service at a lower cost... and iowa is doing the same thing that half the states in the u - s have already done.that's all the time i've got for now this morning... have a great day! 3 3
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3 day! . in. >> it's time now for holiday treat is hay jimmy kimmel, i told my kids i ate all tear halloween candle. >> aahh! >> are you kidding me? are you kidding me, dad? >> i do not like you. >> i want my candy! oh candy! >> ha, ha, ha. >> interesting how they pick up on different mannerisms, isn't
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oh, i love when jimmy does that. welcome back to "cbs this morning," coming up, it's being called a battle between good and evil inside the vatican. reform minded pope faces off with a powerful bureaucracy, two eare go inside the scandal in the catholic church. they roll out more generous, how a scrutiny of its work change. >> that story is ahead. >> this morning's headlines, the new york sometimes says a newly named ground force to face isis is faltering, the alliance of truths, which will be backed by the united states special forces, meets ammunition, radios and heavy weapons and ethnic kurdish militias are seen as a threat by turkey, a vital american allie. a "wall street journal" reports on the death of controversial iraqi politician ahmed chalabiment he reported false indication, indicating iraq had
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those claims helped lead to the invasion of iraq in 2003. he died of a heart attack this morning in his home in baghdad. he was 71-years-old. the washington post reports on a large segment of white middle aged americans dying at a very alarming rate. the findings are based on statistics from 1999 to 2013. there was an increase for men and women between ages of 45 to 54 with less than a college education. that's about half a million additional deaths. it's comparable to the death rate for hiv-aids. drug, alcohol and suicide are the likely causes. the oklahoma in oklahoma city reports a halloween stunt left residents at one small town outraged. the husband of the mayor and his friends wore the robes and hoods of the klu klux klan and held up crosses near a bonfire. some citizens of the nearly 650 person town are now calling for the mayor's resignation. the mayor said, her husband
7:29 am
she was not involved. >> so i'm not responsible for his bonehead move. dear, where are you going with that robe and that cross and that hood? maybe that ain't a good idea in 2015. reports google plans to bring packages to your doorstep. you mightp to rethink that. i know it's not funny, sorry. google plans to soon start flying pack annuals to your door tep, joining the ranks of amazon and wal-mart. gook him wants to deliver the packages using drones by 20 spine. the company claims the deliveries will arrive quicker and create less pollution.
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modems and says they should be leaking the evidence. barry has all the details of this intrigue. fascinating. >> reporter: good morning, norah, the center of the controversy is the most explosive of two books due out later this week. cbs feuds obtained a copy this morning for the author says, quote, this is a true battle between good and evil. the book is titled "merchants in the temple" where nuzzi says the pope's men are lined up on one side, on the others are his enemies, the defenders of the status quo, adverse to any and all change. >> that change was started shortly after pope francis was elected. he set up a special commission to examine the vatican's finances, the books claim the commission found numerous short comings and areas where there was virtually no recounting for how money was spent. nuzzi talks about how the most sacred rituals are tainted by money.
7:31 am
beatification and canonization a. marketplace in which millions of dollars change hands. the vatican's response to the books has been too forward. first a statement attacking them as the fruit of a grave betrayal of the pope's trust. and arrested, two people on the commission, one a priest, and the other a woman who is a public relations expert. they are accused of leaking the information on the commission, including actual recordings of the pope at private meetings. a professor of theology at the university of notre dame. >> the fact that these arrests have come so close to the release of the books sort of indicates that we should see france as very much in line with everyone else in the church. but the actual revelations, themself, only promote him as someone who has been trying to change the atmosphere and culture at the vatican. >> reporter: the second book called avarizia" the question tails a lavish lifestyle.
7:32 am
a helicopter ride for the vatican's then secretary of state, later fired by the pope. whose efforts at reform may be helped by the relations. >> there must be a clean-up of vatican finances, so in a way, pope francis comes out looking really good. >> there are other allegation, one earth shaking, that the alleged corruption at the vatican was pun one of the main reasons pope benedict resigned. the others sad, about peters pence, $400,000 sent in by churches for the poor, instead went to pay for vatican office expenses. >> thanks, barry. >> i think there will be more reaction. this morning, amazon is a family friendly place to work t. retail giant is rolling out a new, more generous parental leave policy. it includes up to 20 weeks of paid leave for mothers who give birth, fathers are eligible for six. workers can share up to six
7:33 am
flexible return-to-work program allows employees to go back gradually. the changes come three months after a "new york times" investigation of amazon's work culture t. paper wrote, quote, several fathers said they left or were considering quitting because of pressure from bosses or peers to spend less time with tear families. "cbs news" contributor mellody hobson is in chicago. good morning. >> good morning. >> in august after that new york piece came out about the chumture of amazon -- culture of amazon, jay carney said yes. do you think this is in response to that story? >> i'm not sure that's the case. few look at their competition, it seems a lot of their peers were updating tear policies in august. so microsoft updated their policy, adobe updated theirs. netflix updated theirs in a big way. so it seems like this has been going on in their industry. >> in the past, though, the amazon work culture has been described as intense.
7:34 am
to a change in culture? and do you think employees will actually take these days off? >> certainly in my own reporting, i talked to people everywhere, the words were intense, brutal. they acknowledge it was a very different kind of place with a start-up mentality that, okay, has been incredibly successful. but it's intense. i'm not sure this completely changes the culture. >> that culture that jeff besos did not acknowledge or say he agrees with. but it has to be a step in the right direction. >> two quick points, one, do you believe that this will lead to an increasing number of companies outside the tech industry to offer parental leave to fathers? >> it seems like this is becoming a trend. so i think that we'll probably see more of this interestingly, amazon is offering six weeks. their six weeks is actually low versus some of their peers. it's ranging anywhere from eight to 20 weeks, when you look at some of their tech competition. so, clearly, this. is gaining a lot of momentum. i think you will start to see it
7:35 am
move outside of the industry. >> go ahead. because i have another question. >> just quickly just to follow on what gayle said, if the culture is so intense at amazon, do you think fathers will wind up taking this leave? >> there is snow way to know. i think the proof will be in the pudding. we will see if it works out. you remember netflix, though, announced up to a year of leave for families, et set remarks so they've got some stiff competition. they've said many of these companies have said, this is not about being nice. it's about recruitment and retention, so maybe they'll be
7:36 am
in order tocan go in, order the book and have it shipped to you. >> we think books and reading is a good. . a top hollywood director is under fire from police. quentin tarantino places boycotting calls on his next movie. next, will he retreat on his crimp words about police officers? and if you are headed out the door, we ask you to set your dvr so you can watch us any time you feel like it. we will be here until 9:00. hall of famer jerry rice will be here.
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law enforcement groups are calling for a boycott of quentin tarantino's new film "the
7:41 am
to officers who shoot people as tarantino made at an anti-police brutality rally in new york city late last month. >> i am a human being with a conscience. and when i see murder, i cannot standing by. >> reporter: director quentin tarantino has a history of creating controversy with his ultraviolent movies. >> come again. >> his violence on the part of police appear to have triggered as much backlash as his cult classics i. >> i have to call the murders the murders. >> reporter: tarantino was referring to the recent deaths offing aen americans at the
7:42 am
hands of police. this statement came several days after an nypd officer was killed in the line of duty. multiple police units say it's an irresponsible speech that makes police officers bigger targets. saying it's time for a boycott of quentin tarantino's films. >> a lot of the national police organizations are now getting on board on the idea about, you know, attempting to boycott the next film out. >> reporter: tarantino isn't the first celebrity to make a statement about police brutal quit. his may be amorning the most controversial. one hollywood superstar is coming to his defense. >> i have to say this, quentin tarantino, are you boss, you are amazing, keep speaking the truth. don't worry about none of the haters. i will let you know that right now. >> reporter: it's unclears if calls for a biotic will help the "hayslettful eight" which opens christmas day. tarantino is reportedly addressing the controversy this week. he's angry about police
7:43 am
say, look, i wasn't talking about all police, if he can do that, i think he can still stay true to the to the studio and could be its best contender for awards norah. >> we'll see, thank you. my sense is this controversy is going to continue. >> i agree. here comes the sun in vivid detail.
7:44 am
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the sun in ultrahigh definition. the solar dynamic observatory captured these images from ten different links. each highlights a different temperature. can you see solar flares dancing across the surface. 69 tests ten hours at a time create a single minute. nasa calls it thermonuclear art. >> very pretty. >> it is. >> i want one of those. >> six out of ten teenagers are texting while they're doing their home. 'tweens and technology.
7:49 am
in3 we are starting off the month of november way above average. we are seeing highs in the middle 70's today, and we will likely see them stay there today and tomorrow with breezy winds. late wednesday into thursday we will see a pretty strong front move through the area. this will bring us a chance of thunderstorms overnight and rain for most of the day on thursday, but will also b bng us the chance of seeing slowly falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. heading into weekend, we should see plenty
7:50 am
will stay pretty close to
7:51 am
with highs staying in the 50's.3 3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your morning news. 3 sioux city's city council approved more than 7 million dollars in financial help for the new sunnybrook village. 3 it's a new shopping center and residential development going up across from the unitypoint health saint sunnybrook the 50 million dollar project has a 30 million dollar shopping apartment buildings. the city's 7 point 1 million dollars in assistance will come from a (tiff) tif fund... phased in over time. 3 "the city's assistance is tied to how fast it builds out, so the faster they build the more assistance would be available. they have a minimum assessment agreement eventually up to 30 million dollars, so they were required under the agreement to have a 30 million dollar tax value at a minimuim." 3 construction will most likely
7:52 am
3 if you've got a fire hydrant leave it alone!the city says all public hydrants should be painted safety - yellow... and all privately - owned hydrants should be painted fire engine red. right now in town... there are quite a few hydrants that have been "artistically" painted... maybe to look like something else. the city says it has contracted with a firm to re - paint all 4 - thousand public hydrants in town the proper color... but the process
7:53 am
years. it is tuesday, november 3rd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this momoing." more real news ahead, including calorie counts on restaurant menus. dr. tara narula has new evidence that we are not following the numbers. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> russian officials are saying it's inappropriate to link the crash to moscow's military actions in syria but the punt for clues grinds on.
7:54 am
trump, chris christie, and others said no thanks. for the moment. >> he is the youngest but i've never seen any human being swept like that. >> flash flood warnings across north and south carolina. monday the wettest day of the year in charlotte. >> flight 868, a group of african-american passengers says they were singled out and kicked off of the flight. >> there are other allegations that the alleged corruption at the vatican was one of the main reasons pope benedict resigned. >> do you think that this will lead to a change in culture and do you think employees will take these days off? >> i'm not sure this completely changes the culture, but it has to be a step in the right direction. >> the gop is putting out a list of demands for future debates. >> another question asked, will there be a gong, buzzer or bell when time is up. i vote gong. >> billions of dollars -- >> let me tell you -- >> i've got a question.
7:55 am
>> what better than a gong? >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a heat flash detected over egypt could help solve the mystery of the russian jetliner disaster. cbs news has learned that american spy satellite detected the clue over the sinai peninsula saturday when the aircraft vanished from radar. wreckage of the plane stretches for miles. analysis of the plane's black boxes is scheduled today in egypt. a memorial to the 224 victims is growing at the airport in st. petersburg, russia. the city was the doomed destination. it took one day for republican candidates to split how to run the next debates. delegates met on sunday and seemed to have an agreement but on monday, four candidates, including donald trump, refused to sign a group letter pushing networks to follow new debate rules. president obama weighed in on monday making fun of the
7:56 am
>> have you noticed that every one of these candidates say obama is weak, he's -- you know, putin is kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he's going to straighten out. just looking at him, he's going to be -- and then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators at a debate. >> he seemed to really enjoy that, didn't he? >> he did. >> well delivered. >> a fund-raiser here last night at hamilton. one of the republicans supporting debate reform is ben carson. for the second time in a week a new national poll shows him leading the republican race. carson has 29% in the latest nbc news/wall street journal poll. he is followed by trump at 23% and florida senator marco rubio
7:57 am
a cbs news/new york times poll last week showed carson in first place with 26%. now, let's compare this to the republican race four years herman cain led mitt romney at this point in 2011. he would hold that lead for away. at this stage in 2007, hillary clinton led barack obama in the points. she held that lead for 102 more days, but the illinois senator won the nomination and the presidency. trump spoke on monday with john heilemann and mark halperin of bloomberg politics. he didn't take came at the new front-runner, instead he hit marco rubio hard. >> i think he's an overrated person. i don't think that he's going to make it. i noticed that the press -- in fact i was watching this morning and they were talking about marco rubio. i mean he's nowhere in the polls. he's -- personally i don't think he's going to make it. you know, i called him a lightweight. i said at one point he was a lightweight.
7:58 am
but i do describe people somehow well. >> john heilemann -- >> if he doesn't mind saying so himself. >> ladies and gentlemen, john heilemann. >> one of my attributes. >> that's right. >> managing editor of bloomberg politics. >> hi. good to have you here too. >> wow! >> congratulations for being here on your own show. >> way to go, norah. >> nice to see you in front of a skating rink. >> yes. i try to get -- we tried to get donald to skate. we rode the zamboni with him but he refused to put on ice skates. >> what's with the attacksks on marco rubio? >> trump attacks people who he thinks could get in his way. he lays off the people he doesn't think are ultimately threats for the nomination, i think that includes ben carson. for a long time he thought jeb bush was his enemy and he attacked bush, took him to pieces, needling over and over again about his mommy and daddy issues, about being low energy, sort of his way of saying low testosterone. now he's going after rubio for
7:59 am
sweating too much, for being inexperienced and being a lightweight. gayle and i were talking about this, he hones in on his enemy's weak spot and goes after them again and again and again until they get unnerved. it's also usually a weak spot that republican elites and voters have some questions about maybe and maybe marco rubio's is probably a question of experience. >> you interviewed him, what are his weak spots? >> well, you know, look, donald trump has so far not shown very many weak spots at all. there are lots of questions about whether he is a serious person with respect to policy. there are lots of questions about whether some of the policies he espouses would be at all saleable in a general election. in terms of the way that he's with stood an extraordinary amount of criticism from all sides and still is by most reckonings the front-runner, although carson is ahead in a couple of national polls and they're neck in neck in iowa. new hampshire, south carolina, florida, throughout the south trump is ahead by a lot in most of those places. it would be hard to say trump is not the leader right now. >> are most of the people who
8:00 am
say they would vote for him know what he stands for? >> in trump's case -- he's a personality candidate to some extent. a lot of people like his swagger. then there are people who really like the way he talks about china, the way he talks with immigration, the nationalist, some would -- i'm going to make america great by building a wall, by getting tough with the chinese. there's an appetite for that in the republican party for sure. >> i want to talk about his attacks because some people describe them as sophomoric. listening to you they sound like they're strategic. do they work? >> if you judge by the way that his months-long assault on jeb bush worked, that's not the only reason jeb bush is in so much trouble right now, but there's nonooubt just watching thehe way that bush reacted, that trump got under bush's skin. if part of it is trying to get your opponent off his game, i don't think there's anybody, even people who work for jeb
8:01 am
trump's constant attacks did not have that effect at times over the past couple of months. >> what about jeb's "i can fix it" sort of campaign? he was mocked on social media, not that that's any indication of anything, being mocked on social media. >> no one in jeb bush's world doesn't acknowledge that he is now having to have a comeback. republican elites have decided that he is pretty close to dead. his debate performance has influenced people like paul with rubio. >> is it the candidate or the campaign? >> endorsements are now going towards rubio and away from bush. look, the campaign is always a reflection of the candidate. and jeb bush has been -- his candidate skills have been very poor. his name is a huge problem. if you go around the country and talk to republican voters, you don't find very many of them who are buying what he's selling. >> thank you, john. it's great to have you. >> always great to be here. all right. what's the best thing you ever saw in a super bowl? hall of famer jerry rice right
8:02 am
here in studio 57.
8:03 am
most unforgettable super bowl americans spend nearly half a trillion dollars a year dining out. but is anybody counting the calories? dr. tara narula has the new findings and how some well-known chains are changing their menus. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." i try hard to get a great shape. this i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free, daily supplement that's clinically shown to help keep me fuller, longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage.
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8:06 am
, trt: : : >> you look good, norah. in our "morning rounds" sizing up calorie counts. just over a year from now the affordable care act will force big restaurant chains to include nutrition labeling on their menus. the new research finds that rules already in place may not mean we eat fewer calories but they could have restaurants add healthier offerings for their customers. dr. tara narula is here to sort
8:07 am
>> i'm surprised with these. because once i found the calorie counts in a kulata, i said i might have as well eat a cheeseburger and fries. so you're saying calorie counts aren't mattering to people? >> the research to date has been really inconclusive. in this particular case researchers tried to look at that very question. they basically compared itemized receipts from four fast food chain restaurants in new york city after 2008 when new york city required calorie counts on men are you boards to new jersey, which did not. and they did this in 2008 and 2014. what they found is that there was no difference in the calories purchased. there was no difference in the amount of times that people visited the fast food restaurants. in fact, the calories consumed boy the purchases went up over time from 2008 to 2014. >> but could the argument be made if you're going to a fast food restaurant you're not interested in calorie counting anyway?
8:08 am
certainly there are limitations to this type of research. this research looked at urban fast food chains, primarily low income, high minority populations. they couldn't tell what the people did after they left. didithey go and exercise, cut back on theiralories later in the day. it only looked atalories purchased, it didn't look at the calories consumed. these types of studies are really small enough in terms of they can't pick up small changes. >> but they did find or some studies has found there has been an indirect effect on the menu, right? >> that's right. another research study that came out actually showed that this might be influencing the restaurants more than the consumers. so researchers looked at restaurants. 66 of the most popular fast food chains in the country, the largest, five of those voluntarily reduced their calorie counts. and those that voluntarily reduced it on average, the items at 140 less calories than those that did not display their calorie counts. so this argues that the restaurants might be helping the consumers.
8:09 am
the consumers don't actually have to change their behavior, but end up eating more healthy because of what the restaurants are doing. >> really interesting. >> thank you. >> thank you, doctor. all right. how many hours a day are your kids using electronics? well, first on "cbs this morning," an inside look at the new research. high-tech balancing act. don't we know it. you're watching "cbs this morning." cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by nexium 24 hour, for all day all night protection from frequent heartburn. now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn.
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8:12 am
almost sixty millili a survey out this morning gives us new insight into our kid, a report by correspondence media says two-thirds of teens carry their own smartphone, first this morning, jan crawford gets an inside look at the research which find a surprising connections. >> my biggest concern with my video games. >> reporter: like many americann families, they are finding it almost impossible to pull the plug on technology. just ask mom, michelle. phones. >> reporter: 12-year-old texting her friends. >> constantly fighting over use on the computer.
8:13 am
>> checking instagram, sending and receiving snap chats. >> for halloween on saturday, sasha and her friends even dressed as social media. >> that is in many ways shows how pervasive social media is. >> yes, it's frightening. but at the same time, you want your kids to be a part of it. >> there is this enormous experiment with are carrying out as a society largely on our children. >> reporter: the founder and ceo of common sense media, a non-profit that tracks kids and their use of technology. the new survey finds 'tweens spend six hours a day on entertainment media, which includes things lice i like listening to music or watching online videos, for teenagers, that number jumps to almost 9 hours. >> 9 hours a day, that a good. ? >> media technology is not good or bad. it's all about how youse them. >> reporter: how they are using it moo it come as a surprise. 66% of teens say they use
8:14 am
technology to listen to music every day. 58% say they watch tv. less than half say they use social media on a daily basis. one in three say they like social media a lot. >> you would think there would be a much higher percentage given how much time they feel they're on it. the truth is, they feel they have to be there, because their friends are. >> social media is way of communicating like the telephone was for me and you. >> social media is almost a utility for these kids now. they spend a lot of time on it. this much time on media and technology as a parent, it's a very, very big deal for all of us to know. >> another big deal multitaskings, 16% say they text and two-thirds say it doesn't affect the quality of their work. >> multi-tasking actually doesn't exist. >> $michael rich is with the center on behavior health. >> that behavior ends up with a
8:15 am
less retention of what is done. >> most of the time they're on social media. >> that's all too familiar. >> there many times he will be at his computer and when i peek in on him, he is playing a game. >> with kids on technology for both home and fun, moderating their usage can be tricky. >> they are doing research. you can't tell your kids you can only have two hours of screen time. >> i tell you, it's a wake-up call for all parents. time? in their himself radio. i look at kids with all those didiractions, do you have house rules? >> we do, they're not allowed to use ipad or iphone during the week monday through friday. none of that stuff. >> but they're young. what do you do when they're ten
8:16 am
>> you give them an iphone for safety to check in with you. >> they go over somebody else' house, they get all the stuff over there, they don't live her. nfl great jerry rice is in your green room. he is looking at t3 we are starting off the month of november way above average. we are seeing highs in the middle 70's today, and we will likely see them stay there today and tomorrow with breezy winds. late wednesday into thursday we will see a pretty strong front move through the area. this will bring us a chance of thunderstorms overnight and rain for most of the day on thursday, but will also bring us the chance of seeing slowly falling
8:17 am
afternoon. heading into weekend, we should see plenty of sunshine, but temperatures will stay pretty close to
8:18 am
with highs staying in the 50's.3 3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your morning news. 3 3 a sioux city teenager is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter after r west high senior died in april from a k - 2 overdose.18 - year - old rose (mau) mouw entered a written plea last month in woodbury charges of involuntary manslaughter and delivery of a substance.prosecutors say she's the person who sold the k - 2 to austin mccloud. mccloud died of an overdose of the drug this april in war eagle park. (mau)'s mouw's trial is set for april 26th... 20 - 16. 3 iowa governor terry branstad was getting asked some questions... about the effort to privatize iowa's medicaid program.critics want to know
8:19 am
saved... how contracts have been awarded... and how the plan will affect patients. later today... a legislative oversight committee will hold the first of two hearings to go over these privatization plpls. the governor says the move will mean more streamlined service at a lower cost... and iowa is doing the same thing that half the states in the u - s have already done.that's all the time i've
8:20 am
have a great day! welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, super bowl mvp jerry rice is revealing the 50 greatest moments in super bowl history. he knows something about that. he's in studio 57 with the big plays. plus, we'll hear response on which of his teams can stay perfect. we're waiting for you, jerry. >> i love it. religion. now a new generation of couples relies on the budty system for the big day. we have that story ead. right now, it's time to show
8:21 am
the washington post reports on the interspoofing jeb bush's efforts to invigorate his campaign the quote, jeb can fix it tour marched monday ahead of a field day. one post joked that bush signed show. biller. >> ouch. >> the internet is mean. the "wall street journal" reports on relationship deal breakers, the study shows they give more weight over positive straits traits. researchers say they have more deal breakers than men the biggest is disheveled followed by lazy and too needy. >> add smoking to the list, a deal breaker. it's in the world according to gayle. . the languages professional gambler bet big. he claimd claims he placed betss
8:22 am
he started making the wagers during the first baseball season when the odds were 30-1. early m mday morning, it paid off. his rining, listen to this nearly $2.5 million. >> not bad. we are gearing up for super bowl 50. fine franchises have brought home at least one lombardi trophy. jerry rice was a big part of free titles for the san francisco 49ers. the mvp of super bowl 23 has now assembled a list of some of the greatest super bowl moments. in his new book, 50 years, 50 moment, the most unforgettable plays in super bowl history. here's a look atsome of those incredible plays. >> the pass is intercepted. unreal.
8:23 am
>> 47 yards, eight second left. no good. line right. >> into the patriot ends zone. 99 yards. >> the right touchdown. inside the 5 yard line for a 1st down. is he only 11? >> to the 10. it is brought by kenny. can he get in? no, he cannot. and the rams have won the super bowl. >> roethlisberger to the back of the ends zone. it is caught for a touchdown. eli manning stays on his feet. airs it out. it is caught by tyree. the jetet are champions of the world. >> jerry rice is a pro-football hall of famer.
8:24 am
>> the number one moment in the book? >> oh my god, there are so many. there are so many, but, you know, for example. >> you only have one number. >> yes. >> joe namath beating the colts. >> to be able to make that prediction and to do it and joe came out of the university of alabama. back in '65, bear bryant. >> i think he made like 400-some thousand. when he got signed be i the jets, his rookie season, he had surgery. and the doctor told him, they said, you got four years, four years of professional football. for him to be able to win that super bowl, you know, we all know he was flam point he was one of those guys, but, man, he was unbelievable. >> let's talk about the new england patriots. remember. two minutes away from an
8:25 am
made an unbelievable catch you thought it was most unbelievable of all time? >> he caught it against his helmet. actually, to have eli be able to to move away from that rush, throw that ball downfield, if he drops that football. the game is over. so i think that really impacted the super bowl. >> you know what i thought was so interesting about this, the sports, y y have one shot. everything is on the line the difference between pure genius and stark failure can be inches. >> yes, it was always that fear of failure that pushed me. i never wanted to let my teammates down. i never wanted do let my fans down, my family back home and i just wanted to go out and play my best football. another moment, can you go back to super bowl ii with the green
8:26 am
bay packers and the oakland raiders andnd i think it was carl o'dell he played receiver, vince lombardi, when he got that job, he said, i'm not associated with losing. i'm not now. if you guys are losing, there is a greyhound bus leaving every hour on the hour. >> can we talk about a wide receiver, within they say soft hands, what does that mean? >> soft hands, you got to be able to sort of krad dl ball a little bit and for so many years ago they had this myth out there that i learned out to catch footballs from catching bricks. you didn't know, you got to be able to cradle the ball and the receivers that really have confidence utilize their hands.
8:27 am
when you see receivers catch it. >> one hand. >> o'dell beckham, for him to make that catch, it was just amazing to see. >> you scored threeee touchdowns in one super bowl. >> yes. >> guy, i mean, because i love the game of football. i poured my heart into it. i enjoyed going out entaining like on that sunday or that monday on that stage, i just wanted to just play good football. that was it. >> a lot in the book. a lot of the same teams kept making the list. is it different, the management and the organization or the talent on the team? you had a lot of different customers. >> you look at john elway, what they did with jer none davis, because that offense for denver is inconsistent.
8:28 am
that, this guy has been in the leak for about ten years, he scores 55 touchdowns, it's like, pick your poison, who are you going to double now? so it's a combination of both. >> it's the great. about a wide receiver, the ability to get free or the ability to catch the ball? >> i think it has to be both and in my. i took pride in running routes. >> eia, i wanted to get the separation where the quarterback can release the ball. after that you still have to make the catch. >> he's trying to throw it to where you are supposed to be? >> and the west coast offense guys, it's like doing a dance, dancing with the stars, just like that. >> have you to be in sync, because the quarterback will only take a three-step drop the baum is in the air. the ball is halfway towards me before i come out of my route. >> did you take ballet lessons?
8:29 am
he did. >> it's really fun. you talk about game changing, game winning, game losing. >> and one. about the book, what i wanted to
8:30 am
the here we are on "friends," fewer religious leaders are invited to lead couple's you haves, new numbers from the pugh resesrch ceceer show millennials are losing faith. half say they believe in god with absolute certainty. that's compared with nearly 70% of baby boomers. the decline in religious beliefs is changing the way many americans are getting married these days, adriana diaz is in oak park, illinois, with how this is shaking up the world of weddings. adriana, good morning. >> good morning. altars like this one, couples have been exchangeing vows to have and to hold for centuries. the people getting married in the church is down 60% since 1970s. more and more americans are
8:31 am
we met one couple who believe it or not sat down an hour before their wedding to tell us why. megan and patrick included many of the traditional marital trappings on their big day the white dress, goomansinghmen in matching ties, excitit moms. >> it's the first one out of four, okay. >> and music am accompanyments as the bride moved down the aisle. but when it came to choosing a person to oversee their "i dos" megan and patrick. both raised catholic, protect from tradition. they asked pat's college friend, matt ferrari, to officiate the ceremony, not a check priest. >> having administered a priest thth doesn't know us would have seemed f fe. >> i think i am quite qualified to say this you have clearly outkicked your coverage by marrying megan. >> i think megan wassner vous as first knowing matt.
8:32 am
>> reporter: the ma'amture ofishiants ooo -- amateur officiants, the church ordained in 2014, 250,000 and expects a 30% increase, this year, they say the ordination is fast, free and says with no experience necessary. >> i for one happen to think that experience is pretty necessary to stand with a wedding couple to make sure they are getting offer on the right foot. >> he studied for five years to william a rabbi. he says clergy are pre ordained. in the digital age, he says spouses can overlook that traditional support. >> the world is changing, so rapidly, that religion is being relegated to a back seat. i don't believe it has to be that way. so many of the millennials don't want to give us a chance. >> reporter: 35% of millennial,
8:33 am
americans 19 to 34, identify as non-religious, that's compared to 17% of baby boomers and just 11% of those over70. what do you think are the implications of less religions? >> i think people will grow up an won't feel a connection to anything and to me the thousands of years of history of the jewish religion give us the tools that we need to combat any challenge we face today. >> do you take patrick to be your lawful wedded husband? >> megan and pat are the 18% of americans raised in a faith who have given it up. >> i think a part of my transition away from religion started when i became a little more political and i realized that i didn't really agree with the politics of, you know, my church and all of that. and i needed to make a decision for myself. >> i was raised catholic. my mom is probably rolling her eyes as she's watching this right now. but you know, i went my own way. we're a generation that i think
8:34 am
>> today, their likes, which began on separate paths, will be joined as one. >> what do you think it is that you can bring to this wedding that perhaps a religious figure can't? >> i think i can connect the dots between patrick and megan and how they've evolved this relationship. >> you started this journey years ago, just two miles from here. >> which i think makes more of a personal ceremony. >> by the power vested in me, i now pronounce you husband and wife. patrick, you may kiss your bride. >> a sacred bond sealed by friendship, not faith. now the study did have some good news for believers, though less americans affiliated with religion, those that do do you so with conviction, two-thirds involved in religion say they pray every day. >> that's good to know. >> i did once, somebody had been married by the state and
8:35 am
everything else. they wanted to have a ceremony for their friends, they asked me if i would officiate. >> i believe you were good. >> comomg up, charlie gets his
8:36 am
more on legends in. >> this morning, we congratulate year. journalism award. telling. >> a pick is worth a thousand words, but a word can define a thousand pictures. no one that i know in our business understandss how to put words together and draw a line. >> that award was given by applause plauz.
8:37 am
>> all right. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune into the cbs evening news. i'll be filling in tonight for scott pelley.
8:38 am
>> i see more awards. 3 we are starting off the month of november way above average. we are seeing highs in the middle 70's today, and we will likely see them stay there today and tomorrow with breezy winds. late wednesday into thursday we will see a pretty strong front move through the area. this will bring us a chance of thunderstorms overnight and rain for most of the day on thursday, but will also bring us the chance of
8:39 am
temperatures throughout the afternoon. heading into weekend, we should see plenty of sunshine, but temperatures will stay pretty close to normal for this time of year
8:40 am
3 good morning siouxland, i'm jacob's a look at your morning news. 3 sioux city's city council approved more than 7 million dollars in financial help for the new sunnybrook village. 3 it's a new shopping center and residential development going up across from the unitypoint health saint luke's sunnybrook medical plaza. the 50 million dollar project has a 30 million dollar shopping center and 20 million dollar apartment buildings. the city's 7 point 1 million dollars in assistance will come from a (tiff) tif fund... phased in over time. 3 "the city's assistance is tied to how fast it builds out, so the faster they build the more assistance would be available. they have a minimum assessment agreement eventually up to 30 million dollars, so they were required under the agreement
8:41 am
3 construction will most likely start this spring. 3 if you've got a fire hydrant on your property... the city wants you to leave it alone!the city says all public hydrants should be painted safety - yellow... and all privately - owned hydrants should be painted fire engine red. right now in town... there are quite a few hydrants that have been "artistically" painted... maybe to look like something else. the city says it has contractededwith a firm to re - paint all 4 - thousand public hydrants in town the proper color... but the process could take several years.that's all the time i've
8:42 am
day! [cheers and applause] >> rachael: today on rachael ray... >> rachael! >> announcer: it's not a party without the problem solver. >> oh, my gosh. >> announcer: what should i wear? what are the secrets to a stunning table on a budget? >> layer any color on top, shazam. >> announcer: and creating cocktails and what is on the menu? >> rachael: the courses. >> announcer: now, are you ready for rachael! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
8:43 am
>> rachael: -- today! all right. we have a very full kitchen today, like the four guys that are here today are like, whoa, pretty good-looking kitchen down there. so i've got my partner in crime, my co-host for the day, anne burrell. [cheers and applause] >> rachael: whoo! we have the fabulous fashion may haven in the middle, the lovely stacy london. > whoo-hoo! >> rachael: and on the end, i can't believe how talented she is, she's just so gorgeous, genevieve gorder will be our design guru. so lch -- [cheers and applause] >> rachael: if entertaining freaks you out, today's show, we want to have your back, today's show theme is problem solvers, party planning. [cheers and applause] >> rachael: i believe anne won the coin toss and she's going to get the party started, true, anne?
8:44 am
>> that is true. >> rachael: let's have a seat and let anne burrell have the kitchen. we'll put up our question today, problem solving for you guys. we want to see whose problem we are solvingng first. frances boardman. she says when planning for a party, how do you decide on a signature drink that will please everyone. frances does watch the show, i say all the time, my husband is our resident mixologist, as anne well knows. >> no idea what you mean. >> rachael: but it's a great tip to offer beer, water and soft drinks, a wine, white and red. instead of a bar, have a cocktail per party, that is an intelligent question. great advice, how do you know which cocktail is a crowd pleaser, what is your advice? >> my go-to cocktail is what i like to call the chef anne spark
8:45 am
ler or the spritztz
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